About the Website

What is UDL English Composition?  Why does it matter?

About UDL English Composition

My own preferences as a learner don't apply well for the majority of my students.  Hence, this website.  The goal is to use a variety of media to provide information and guidance for students learning to write.  By following the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework, the hope is to provide materials that illustrate key concepts in English Composition through media that will appeal to a wide variety of students.  It's not my belief that this website will be perfect for every student.  Instead, the goal is to provide enough information that this website can be helpful and relevant for the majority of composition students.

When English teachers describe Composition, what we mean is the methods of researching information, organizing our ideas, and then composing our thoughts for the page.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is an approach to teaching which focuses not only on concepts, but on the means of delivery.  The goal is to make information accessible and relevant to students across a broad spectrum of experiences, abilities, and interests.

I'm putting this website together as a resource for my students and a UDL project here at Heartland Community College.  But here are some of the experiences that have shaped my outlook as a writer and educator.