ADC Introduction

Alternative Delivery Certification: Learning New Strategies to Teach Online

Hi!  I'm Ryan Edel, an adjunct in the English Department!

And this is how I introduced myself to colleagues in the Alternative Delivery Certification course.  Here at Heartland, it's the professional development course for learning to teach online more effectively.

Quick Warning! - when writing informally, I use a fair number of exclamation points.  There's research indicating that a period indicates blunt finality that shuts down thought, while exclamation points and the death of periods are now part of text etiquette.  Why does this matter for my introduction?  Because exclamation points and missing periods will sometimes drive teachers nuts.  And I don't want to irritate everyone without first giving some reason why, and then pointing to some research to justify myself.

Also, I teach English.  All my non-academic friends and family assumes that I critique grammar or style during everyday interactions, and then they assume I'm growing hydra heads from my skull when I switch to "nonstandard" usage.  I just wanna be like "dude.  chill.  this isn't a composition essay.  trust me.  i grade those things.  do you have any idea how many points i take off for people you refuse to capitalize the word 'I'?"  :p