English 101 Video Syllabus

Assignment Schedule

In general, each week will follow the same schedule: you’ll have two assignments outside class, plus our meeting on Thursday.  All deadlines are 11:59pm on the date listed.

Unit 1

Weeks 1 and 2: What You’ll Learn in English 101

August 25:

In-Class Worksheet: Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning

August 26:

Reflecting on Past Writing Projects (500 words)

August 29:

Worksheet: Citation vs. Plagiarism

August 31:

Brainstorming Project Ideas

Unit 2

Weeks 3 and 4: Identifying Source Types

September 6:

Worksheet: The CRAAP Test

September 7:

Social Media Posts with Images: Links and Headlines for Secondary Sources (500 words)

September 12:

Worksheet: Library Scavenger Hunt and MLK Source Types

September 14:

5 Secondary Source Citations with Skeleton Maps

Unit 3

Weeks 5 and 6: Citing Secondary and Primary Sources

September 19:

Worksheet: Research and MLA Citations about Martin Luther King

September 21:

Blog Post with Images: Possible Project Directions (500 words)

September 26:

Worksheet: MLA Citation and Primary Sources about Black Lives Matter

September 28:

5 Primary Source Citations with Bubble Map

Unit 4

Weeks 7 and 8: Evaluating Sources

October 3:

Worksheet: Evaluating Primary Sources about Climate Change

October 5:

Video Script with Slides: Introducing Your Research Plan (500 words)

October 10:

Worksheet: Evaluating Secondary vs. Scholarly Sources about Climate Change

October 12:

Detail 1 (Scholarly source + 500 words) with Mind Map

Unit 5

Weeks 9 and 10: Citing Multiple Perspectives

October 17:

Worksheet: Structuring Paragraphs and Quotes

October 19:

Blog Post with Images: The Challenges of Research (500 words)

October 24:

Worksheet: Describing Multiple Perspectives on Black Lives Matter

October 26:

Detail 2 (Scholarly source + 500 words) with Outline

Unit 6

Weeks 11 and 12: Copyright, Fair Use, and Plagiarism

October 31:

Worksheet: Copyright, Fair Use, and Patch Writing in “I Have a Dream” and the Declaration of Independence

November 2:

Video Script with Images: The Surprises of Your Research Topic (500 words)

November 7:

Worksheet: Citation vs. Plagiarism in the John Walsh Case

November 9:

Detail 3 (Scholarly source + 500 words) with Starter Draft

Unit 7

Weeks 13 and 14: Research Paper Structure

November 14:

Worksheet: Describing Research Topics in Climate Change

November 16:

The About Page: Bringing It All Together (500 words)

November 21:

Worksheet: Paragraph Structure

November 24:


Unit 8

Weeks 15 and 16: Revising Research Papers

November 28:

Worksheet: Signposts, Introductions, and Conclusions

November 30:

Rough Draft: + 500 words (2,000 words)

December 5:

Workshop Feedback

December 9:

Final Draft — (2,500+ words)