Project 1

Expansion 2: 1,500 Words

Purpose: Refine and Focus Your Research and Writing

In the second expansion, you'll be revising your work to ensure you have a solid, coherent paper of 1,500 words.  In this, I'm looking for three major goals:

Task: Expand Prior Expansion to 1,500 Words

Using primary sources, you’re now going to revise and expand upon the examples used in Article 6.  Very importantly, you want to find examples that fit with the genres you’re talking about, and you need to explain how they either illustrate the points you’ve made or perhaps allow different interpretations.

This should be easier than Article 6 — rather than tracking down This is a complex and difficult form of college writing — at this stage, it’s perfectly okay to make mistakes.  The first key skill here involves finding scholarly, peer-reviewed sources and then applying them to your prior work. The second key skill is revision: tightening the language in your prior writing to make it more interesting for your own audiences.

Resources to Help

The following links will help with considerations of grammar and style.

Recommendation: Read Aloud

After you've written your paper, be sure to read your work aloud.  Pay particular attention to how it sounds.  If you feel uncertain about your sentences, then I recommend making those sentences shorter.  You may find the article on Complicated Sentences to be helpful.  Also, if a sentence becomes entirely unmanageable, then reference the Clauses article below.

New Considerations: Writing Style