Group Presentation

English 102, Project 1

Purpose: Learning and Using the Multimodal Modes

The in-class group presentation is designed to help you accomplish three goals:

  • Practice Using the Five Multimodal Modes. You want to ensure that you are aware of all five modes and how they work together to convey information.
  • Learn important presentation skills. In particular, this will help you become more aware of how you present yourself in a classroom space.
  • Share your research and receive feedback. In particular, you want to look for what your classmates think of the work your doing, and then decide whether you've chosen narratives that help illustrate the most important aspects of your work.

Task: Give a Group Presentation

For this assignment, you'll give a presentation about your Project 1 research to your classmates in other groups. In this, each individual will present their own aspect of the group's larger topic. I highly recommend reviewing my Guide to Delivering Slideshows for some considerations of an effective presentation.

In your groups, you'll choose the presentation format of your choice. Here are some possibilities to consider:

  • Slideshow (e.g. PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides)
  • Small-Group Discussions
  • Videos You Create
  • A Combination

Criteria for Success