Project 1

Group Presentation: Face-to-Face Class

These Apply to In-Person Classes

Key Points About Group Project

  1. All Grades Are Individual Grades: You are working in groups, and you will be coordinating the research focus as a group, but each of you will be graded on the work you that you personally write and present.

  2. Cooperation versus Collaboration: In collaborative work, all students work closely together to produce each piece of text. In cooperative work, each student individually prepares materials that fit with the works by their classmates. This is primarily a Cooperative writing assignment, and you will then Collaborate together when preparing your group presentations.

How the Presentation is Graded

How well you use the 5 Modes to describe your research findings.

  • Choice of Modes is important — you might not need all five.

  • Choice of Information and Structure of Presentation is critical — consider which information you judge important and how you place your emphasis.

  • Quality of Modes is important, but not critical. I'm not looking for a perfect presentation — I'm looking for how you think about your work.