FERPA in the United States

Your Classroom Must Protect Student Privacy

Federal Privacy Guidelines in the United States

Here, I'll be discussing policies as they apply to a college classroom and at public institutions in the United States.  In a K-12 setting, the rules are somewhat different in regards to parental access to student information, and specific institutions (particularly military or religious-affiliated institutions) may apply these guidelines in ways that I'm unaware of.  I am not a lawyer and I am not a legal expert, and FERPA's policies are complex.  The Student Press Law Center offers a comprehensive guide to FERPA policies and case histories.  Also, these laws are specific to the United States — other countries will have different privacy laws, though the practices of protecting student privacy may be similar.

Also, please note that laws, policies, and internet security protocols regularly change, and that your institution may have specific requirements that differ from information provided online — you should always read and understand institutional guidance.  If your institution provides guidance that appears incorrect or potentially unlawful, you speak with campus administrators to ensure student privacy is protected.