Project 1

Learning Journey

Purpose: Reflection and Online Modalities

Purpose 1: Look Back at Your Work

Having completed 3,500 words of writing for Project 1, now is the time to look back and reflect on what you've learned. We have a few major goals here:

  • Recall New Skills
  • Reinforce Effective Habits
  • Improve for Future Projects

In particular, you want to decide which skills will best apply to Project 2, and how to improve on these in your writing and presentations.

Purpose 2: Practice Online Modalities

From your writing and your presentations, you've had practice with some of the key modes of academic communication. Now, we'll adapt these skills to the internet, helping you better plan and understand the ways in which we share information online.

Task: Build a "Web Tour" of Your Writing and Learning

In the Learning Journey, your group will prepare a website-style guide to your group's work. Using Google Sites (or another platform of your choice), you will:

  1. Copy Your Articles and Expansions to individual web pages.
  2. Create a Personal Page with links to all your individual articles.
  3. Write a Personal Description on your personal page of how your articles are related.
  4. Copy Your Sources to your personal page for a comprehensive Selected Bibliography
  5. Build a Group Homepage with links to the personal pages.
  6. Write a Group Description of your topic and why you chose it.

In this website, you want your page to highlight two things:

  • Information on Your Topic: As a group, use your articles to show what you've learned about your topic.
  • Documentation of Learning: As individuals, talk about how your articles illustrate your effort and progress in the course. What surprised your about the work? What did you find the most interesting? Are you planning on following up for Project 2?