Project 1: Research Planning

English 101 — Ryan Edel

Posted 9/3/2020

Planning Is the Key to Success!

For college research papers, having a good plan is the best way to make sure you find the sources you need to support your ideas.  To start off on the right foot, this first Project Assignment is your plan for how to begin.

Here's the video that gives the project overview and this unit's assignment.  If you prefer, the video transcript is below!

Video for Project Planning Assignment

Video Transcript with Directions

Project 1 Introduction Directions (Transcript from Video)

For Project 1, you’ll be writing four articles about a specific topic of your choice.  To get the most out of this project, all four of your main articles should be closely related — this way, you can use sources from the shorter, earlier articles in your later articles, which will be longer.  After you've written the four main articles, you're arrange these articles together, write an introduction to show what they tell us about the world, and then write a reflection about how the writing went.

Research Plan Assignment

For this unit's assignment (200 words), I’d like you to make a plan of research.  Based on your interests, what do you want to write about?  How will you start your research?  Which days or times will you set aside to complete your project assignments?

There’s no specific formatting requirement for your research plan — bullet points are fine, or you can even write out notes on paper and then upload a photo.  Some students find it easier to upload a video, too, and that’s also fine.

As always, please let me know in case of questions!

Dr. Edel