Presentation Lecture

English 101 - Project 1

Now that we’ve delved into writing and research practices, we’re going to take a brief foray into the world beyond words.  In Unit 3, we talked a bit about multimodality in communication — using multimodal forms of communication can help you present information to audiences who might not want to read a long paper.

When we talk about presentations for a class, there are two major types to consider:

Both types of presentations use the five multimodal modes, but often in different ways.  Depending on your choices of technology and the availability of an in-person conference space (coronavirus really limits us here), you have to make choices that will optimize your message.  In this lecture, we look at the main multimodal concepts, and then some ideas for how to use them.

Here’s a quick reminder of the five professional modes of communication:


Steps for Presentation Preparation

Step One: Choose Your Platform

Here are some quick approaches you can use — any of these would work well for the project:


Step Two: Focus Your Work

Again, I’m not looking for “perfect” or “professional” presentations for your Project 1.  Instead, I’m only looking for you to think about how you’ll use multimodality to present your information:

Key things to remember:


Step Three: Share Information and Be Yourself

I know, this seems like “typical” BS advice.  Lots of people say “be yourself” when they mean “be what I want you to be.”  That, however, actually hurts multimodal presentations.  With a presentation, you want to show your personal interest — you want to share the information that you personally find important.  As you do your presentation, I recommend imaging a friend that you’re talking to.  In a nice, conversational voice, just tell your friend some interesting things about your project, and you’re done!


In-Person versus Online Presentations

In-Person Presentation Advice

Some things to bear in mind for in-person presentations:


Online Presentation Advice

Some special tips for online presentations:


As you can see, there are a lot of different approaches you can take.  The key takeaway is that you are simply sharing useful information about your topic, and hopefully helping your classmates see why you find it interesting.