English 102

Project 2: Individual Research Paper

English 102 | Project 2

Research Survey | Annotations | Outline | Integrations

Starter Draft| Rough Draft | Workshop | Final Draft

English 102 | Project 2


Research Survey





Starter Draft

Rough Draft


Final Draft


Writing Plan


For the main research project, you’ll each write a 3,500 word paper about the topic of your choice. Additionally, you’ll provide feedback to your classmates through a writing workshop, and then prepare a multimodal presentation of information to share with your classmates.

To simplify assignment submission, multiple drafts of the same paper are listed as separate assignments. On your computer, you may keep all your expanded article materials in a single file, and simply upload the current versions of that file at each stage of the project.

Research Document

Main Components


  1. Research Survey — your annotated Sources and Quotes: 15 sources, 50 quotes.

  2. Annotated Bibliography — a discussion of three of your sources (one each of primary, secondary, and scholarly) where you talk about how these three sources will help you with your paper.

  3. Research Outline — a map of what you plan on writing. You’ll choose your favorite quotes, arrange them into categories, and then use to this map out your paper before you start writing.

  4. Integrations — Select five quotes (ideally quotes from your annotated bibliography sources). For each quote, write 2-5 sentences that integrate the quote into your own statement about your topic.


  1. Starter Draft – 1,000 words with a Works Cited Page (author, title, and hyperlinks are okay).

  2. Rough Draft – revise to reach 2,000 words, have MLA-formatted Works Cited.

  3. Final Draft – 3,500 words in MLA format + Works Cited in MLA Format.

More Details for Main Components

Annotated Bibliography

  • You’ll each choose three sources to focus on. I recommend choosing sources that you’ve already used for Project 1.

  • You need to have one primary source, one secondary, and one scholarly.

  • Each source should be cited in proper MLA format.

  • You’ll then write a brief description (250 words) explaining how each source will help you write your paper.

Research Presentation

  • Using your Annotated Bibliography, you’ll each give a brief presentation (5 minutes) and discussion of your topic. This will be your introduction to your research – it’s a chance to let me and your classmates know about what you find important in your research, and that will help us give you better feedback in the progress of your research.

  • You can use Google Slides, Prezi, or a written presentation script (500-700 words).

  • Please do not simply read us the entries from your Annotated Bibliography.

  • This presentation should also serve as an outline for your larger paper.

Starter Draft for Workshop

  • This is a rough, rough (very rough) draft of your paper. Don’t worry about proofreading – focus instead on describing your genre, and then noting where you’ll use your sources.

  • 1,000 Words minimum.

  • A list of your sources (MLA format not required – hyperlinks strongly encouraged.)

Rough Draft for Workshop 2

  • This should be a fairly good draft of your paper.

  • 2,000 Words minimum.

  • A complete Works Cited (in MLA format)

  • You will each be assigned to read and review two papers.

Final Draft

  • 3,500 words (that should come to 12-14 pages. I’ll call it the “15-page paper” because if you hit 15 pages, then you’ve definitely hit 3,500 words.)

  • 10-15 sources for the Works Cited page and in-text citations.

  • The quotes, formating, and works cited page should all be in proper MLA.