Project 1

Article 4: 500 Words

Article 4: Rhetorical Analysis of Another Primary Source

Practice makes perfect . . . and more writing makes you a better writer.  It’s impossible for anyone to write a perfect rhetorical analysis, and so it’s important to do this process multiple times to become better at it.  Also, note that this style of rhetorical analysis is very likely new for you — with each article, you’ll get better at it.

At this point, you may find that you and your group members have somewhat diverging interests.  Or you may find that you and your group members want to collaborate more. All of this is natural.  At this stage, feel free to begin shifting your topics more toward your interests. If you want to write Article 4 about something complete different, you can.

Here, put more emphasis on the Rhetorical Genre Studies considerations.  Go into the genre conventions of this primary source, and then delve deeper into how this source is intended to change thoughts and behaviors in other people.