Project 1

Article 1: 500 Words

Article 1: Introduce Your Sources (500 Words)

Here, each of you will choose three sources related to your topic, and you’ll explain how these sources tell us about the material. You must have a primary, secondary, and scholarly source.

  • Primary Sources come directly from a topic you’re studying. If you study restaurants, for example, primary sources would include menus, interviews with wait staff, billboards for McDonalds, Yelp! reviews, and others.
  • Secondary Sources are sources that talk about your topic, but they are not produced by the people of your topic. For restaurants, these might include restaurant reviews in the newspaper, a blog article describing favorite restaurants, or an NPR story about the sources of salmonella on contaminated romaine lettucs, or an in-depth expose of the employment of undocumented workers at a particular retaurant chain.
  • Scholarly Sources are peer-reviewed articles written for academic journals. For restaurants, they might include a twenty-page paper with 40 sources describing the evolution of public health inspections in the food service industry, or a ten-page scientific paper with fifteen sources and a lengthy discussion of materials and procedures for identifying the distribution and prevalence of harmful bacteria in commercial kitchens.