Ryan Edel — June 23, 2020

Updating Project 2 Directions

For English 101, we're required to have two research projects that produce 2,500 words each.  For this second project, I have students prepare a 2,500-word research paper on the topic of their choice.  For the UDL final project, I'll update the directions for this project to make the project easier to follow for a wider variety of students.  Rather than rely on purely written directions, I'll also prepare a series of infographics and perhaps also videos to better illustrate the project goals and objectives.


Represent SMART (specific - measurable/meaningful - achievable/attainable - relevant/realistic - timely) goal/objective principles. Please identify the following:

SPECIFIC - what will you do?  

Choose 1 of the 3 parts of the UDL framework. What you want to implement from the UDL framework into your own teaching practices and/or course(s) (to better determine the core purpose of the outcome/objective) - in other words, in what ways could you modify this to provide more flexibility in presentation, or action and expression, or engagement?


How will you know if what you have modified/created is successful?

ACHIEVABLE - what barriers exist?

What barriers exist for you to complete your goals/deliverable?  What potential barriers to students (both in your current practices and as you modify/create something new) do you hope to address?


Why will you do it? How does/do this/these objective(s)/goal(s) represent something different than what you normally do in your teaching? Please include your rationale as to why you created this/these objective(s)/goal(s).

TIMELY - when and where

Which course and which semester, place within the course, place within the content unit, etc.) you intend to implement this/these goal(s)/objective(s) and assess?


Specify how you intend to present this implementation for as your Final Project for this course (e.g., a written paper, a PowerPoint presentation, a lesson plan, a unit outline, a infographic, a screencast, etc.).  This is your choice and should be related to your implementation goal(s) and objective(s) - you could also consider this as a practice run for what you intend to implement in your own course.

Completion Date

Specify the day/date when you intend to have your final project completed.  As per this course requirements, you should have this completed by the end of the semester.