Websites Are Hard

Who would have thought a new website would be challenging?

As someone who's been writing blogs and websites for years, I'm always surprised by how much I don't know. Today, some things I've noticed in relation to UDL and web design:

  • While preparing the pages for Verb Tense and Clauses, I realized that my standard ideas for layout simply didn't work.
  • I had to reconsider how I position images in relation to text, particularly for when the website adapts for mobile view.
  • It's very, very hard to keep up with daily lesson planning when you're also trying to outline a whole new website to support the lesson plan. Hence, why everything is Under Construction.
  • The syllabus I've been using for English 102 was well designed for modules, but I didn't think deeply enough about how each module would apply to Project 1. So now I need to create my Modules page. This, however, will help with my Alternative Delivery Certification course.