Presentation Assignment

English 101 - Project 1

Now that you’ve prepared a series of articles and reflection on your Project 1 topics, it’s time to share the main lessons with your classmates:

  1. Purpose: Show that you understand the multimodal modes and share something new with your classmates.

  2. Task

    1. Prepare a brief presentation to be shared on Canvas (for online classes) or in-person.

    2. Reply to three of your classmates (50 words each) to show you watched their presentations!

  3. Criteria for Success:

    1. You share useful information about your topic to help your classmates see why your topic is interesting.

    2. You post encouraging feedback to let your classmates know what you liked about their presentations.

This Is a Short Presentation — Not “Professional-Grade” Multimedia Marketing

Something to emphasize: you are not required to spend tons of time preparing for this. As long as you provide a reasonable amount of information that includes sounds or images or gestures and an organized arrangement, you’re good:

  • The presentation should last 5 to 10 minutes, depending on your format. Online presentations can go longer, if you like, but that’s not required.

  • Your feedback should focus on the positive. Let your three classmates know what you liked. Share at least one or two new things that their presentation taught you about their topic.

Naturally, the more time and planning you put into your presentation and your responses, the better your grade is likely to be, but I’m not looking for you to go crazy with this. Here are quick ways to do your presentation for the online class — simply prepare your materials, then upload them to the Canvas Discussion:

  • Smartphone Video: set the phone on a stand, hit record, and video yourself talking for about five to ten minutes. (For stability, best to have the phone on a table rather than holding it.)

  • Smartphone Voice: talk about your project, and record your voice for five to ten minutes.

  • Slides with Text and Images: Don’t like recording yourself? No worries! You can simply prepare a series of slides, and then type in the information you want your slides to show us.

  • Cool Tech Savvy Approaches: if you have more time or technical expertise, you might also consider a slideshow with voiceover, an infographic, a screencast, or anything else you can think of.