Saving Some UDL Resources

Sometimes, I just don't have time to write up an entire website.  So here are some quick notes.  Google will likely ding me when I copy them to another page.

So I'm very short on time today, but I have a much better idea of how to organize my UDL page.  Rather than mess it all up right now, I'm taking notes here as part of my journey.  Because I need to post the comments for the Alternative Delivery Certification course I'm taking.

In the army, I heard that "Leadership is about providing purpose, direction, and motivation to accomplish a task."  In many ways, UDL addresses these three aspects of leadership from the teacher's perspective, and then provides detailed considerations to broaden the appeal to every individual student.

Useful Links

The Core of UDL

UDL is about providing multiple reasons for engagement, modes of representation, and means of action and expression.


The Why of Learning

UDL focuses on motivating students by making the topic relevant for each individual student.


The What of Learning

Every student learns differently, so providing multiple means of illustrating the topic materials gives each student an opportunity to learn core concepts in their own way.

Action and Expression

The How of Learning

Each student has different skills and interests, and we provide multiple ways for