About UDL

How I Use Universal Design for Learning on the Website

My UDL Project

In addition to helping share resources with my students, this website is part of my planned UDL project for the Heartland UDL Fellows Program.  The goal of UDL is to provide materials suited for students across a wide spectrum of personal and academic perspectives.  In this site, I'll provide a number of links to outside resources describing UDL in greater detail and how it benefits our students.  The UDL Tools Page for Instructors will provide ideas and advice for making your own courses more universally accessible

However, I want to emphasize that I will largely be using my own thoughts on writing and applying them to UDL in a college composition classroom.  Hence, I will often use terminology and concepts that differs from more established, research-based sources that define UDL as a conceptual framework.  My work centers on teaching writing, and I regularly adapt the general UDL concepts to meet my specific needs as a teacher.  Since every classroom is different, please see the links below and to the right for more in-depth information about UDL and student learning.

Some Considerations of UDL

UDL Links

CAST provides explanations, resources, and an annual UDL conference.  You may also enjoy their introductory video:

For more detailed exploration, see the CAST UDL Guidelines.

Additional Resources

Allison Posey of CAST explains the benefits of UDL on Understood.org