Project 1

Expansion 1: 1,000 Words

Purpose: Develop Research Skills with Scholarly Sources

The main focus of Expansion 1 is to further develop your research skills by adding information from scholarly sources to your prior writing.

Task: Expand a Prior Article to 1,000 Words

Choose one of your prior articles (1-5).  Using scholarly sources, you’re going to revise and expand upon your original article with the following:

Please Note: this will not be easy.  In fact, it shouldn’t be easy. This is a complex and difficult form of college writing — at this stage, it’s perfectly okay to make mistakes.  The first key skill here involves finding scholarly, peer-reviewed sources and then applying them to your prior work. The second key skill is revision: tightening the language in your prior writing to make it more interesting for your own audiences.

Resources to Help

This page offers a review of our earlier discussion regarding Heartland Library.  The two videos give a quick guided tour of how to use Academic Search Complete.

During Project 2, we'll take a closer look at the rhetorical terms and how they function.  But for the work you've done, you may find this overview of terms to help better explain how your sources function.