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Teaching Always Evolves

When I first started teaching, I imagined it would be easy.  The first day I walked to the front of my own classroom, I just knew that I would wow my students.

In retrospect, it's interesting what ten years and a touch of humility can do.  I know far more about teaching now than I did then — I had no idea how much there is to learn about the art of helping others understand.

With each new semester, I send my lesson plans through new rounds of revision.  At the moment, I'm focused on my English 101 and English 102 courses here at Heartland.  The goal is to prepare UDL lesson plans to fit the needs of my students, and then continue adjusting them over time.  Given the overlaps in research skills, some of these website materials will be useful for both courses, but the modules must differ in terms of pacing and the relative focus on multimodal composition.