A Day in the Classroom: Project 1 Revisions

A Classroom Observation!  Yikes!

For teachers, the classroom observation can be both exciting and nerve-wracking.  Exciting in that you can finally share your teaching with another instructor, but nerve wracking in that it's normally your supervisor.  (Yikes!)

Today, Tom McCulley visited my class to observe my teaching as part of the standard promotion procedures.  As part of the v

In my English 102 class you observed, the focus was on the revisions my students will complete for their Project 1.  At this stage in the project, students have already completed five articles of 500 words each, and they gave group presentations on Monday.  Each student is now selecting one article for expansion and revision. This will take place in two stages:

Here’s a brief outline of everything we covered:


Instructional Presentation: Project 1 Planning

Group Work: Revision Planning